Launch of HPLC MQ 3000 (MEDCONN)

Technical specifications:

-Disc design sample panel

-18 samples can be loaded at a time

-Separation of HbD, HbS, HbC, HbE

-Simple and easy to use interface

-Time for analysis <120s/test

-Precision cv <= 2%

Presentation of AFIAS 3

AFIAS-3 is a compact and versatile lateral flow immunoassay platform with three independent channels. AFIAS-3 enables three testing

– A variety of parameters available.

For more information please watch the presentation video.

Attribution of ichroma and Afias values to Biorad control

We are pleased to inform you that from now on the control values ​​of the tumor and hormonal panel of the Ichroma II and AFIAS devices are available in the BIORAD Lyphocheck control from lot 40430.

Please contact us by email to send you the IFU.

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