Who are we ?


BIOTOP.sarl company, founded in 2007, has always been a company engaged in the distribution of analytical instrumentation and medical Diagnostics. Drawing on the experience gained over the years and a highly qualified staff .

BIOTOP.sarl continues to enjoy collaborations with different suppliers in the word to propose new and good products which improve the results and reliability in diagnostics.

All employees are aware of their contribution to the future of the Company, and their conformance with its requirements is recognized as playing a significant part in a successful, long term and fruitful partnership.

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Our values


Honesty, frankness and Credibility are the keys to our success in all our relationships.


We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance our services and products through the adaptation of existing knowledge and with the full understanding that we learn from our failures as well as our successes.


We strive for continuous improvement, believing that competence, reliability, and rigorous adherence to process discipline are the keys to excellence.

Why choose us?

BIOTOP offers several services to hospitals, medical analysis laboratories, and research centers…

BIOTOP has managed to trust several internationally renowned brands

BIOTOP has gained the trust of many customers in a few years due to its reputation for seriousness

The biotop team is made up of specialists who are always ready to listen to customers for any technical request

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible!